Fisher Price Coupons

Fisher Price has some great coupons right now for some toys to get your Christmas shopping started.  The coupons are good until the end of December so you maybe able to find some great sales and deals between now and then, maybe black Friday shopping 🙂

So click here and check out all of these great toy coupons.  And a special thanks to The Peaceful Mom for posting about these awesome coupons!

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Albertsons Deals and Steals for 10/19 to 10/25

So now that I live in NM I have learned a few things about Albertsons.  I had never really shopped at an Albertsons before moving to NM and honestly I still don’t shop there much now because I do 80% of my grocery shopping on base.  But I have learned to check the deals at Albertsons each week because they do usually have some good stuff going on.  I have also learned that the deals at Albertsons run from Wednesday to Tuesday which is very different and interesting for me.

Anyways though here are what I think are the deals and steals for Albertsons this week.

  • Dole Bananas for $0.39 a pound
  • Buy 10 Yoplait Yogurt for $5 and get aFREE 12 ct. Albertsons Large Eggs on your next shopping trip.  There is a $1.00 coupon for 10 Yoplait yogurts here on Swagbucks which makes this an even better deal.
  • Nestle fun size candy 9.2-12.5 oz on sale for $1.88  Which is even better if you still have some candy coupons around.
  • There are also lots of 10 for $10 sales going on right now.  I am seeing some water juice, canned goods and even some toothpaste and Excedrine.  You will want to check your store adds to see the deals, but they look like some good ones.
  • One of my favorite deals that I was excited to see was that Albertsons has some energy drinks on sale 10 for $10 as well.  My husband has a Rockstar energy drink addiction and even when I buy them on base which is the cheapest I have found they r still $1.15 each so for a $1.00 each I was thrilled! 🙂  So yes I am going back to by more Rockstars.

So those are just a few of the deals and steals that I see at Albertsons this week, but make sure you check out your own store for other deals I may have missed.

Let me know what other deals you find this week at Albertsons.




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So I have been a little MIA lately, but it is not totally my fault.

You know how life is, and life with kids, and life with allergies….?

Yeah, well all of that happened to me this past weekend, so my family and I slept a lot this weekend and it was nice.

Also, my computer has been acting funny and really slow so that hasn’t helped the whole trying to blog thing, but I think I fixed my computer (or at least made run a little better).  So I am back and I will have more to say tomorrow 🙂


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P&G Everyday Solutions

I just signed up for P&G Everyday Solutions.

I should say re-signed up, I guess I was/am a member from many many moons ago, but I had forgotten my password and such so I re-signed up.  If you have not signed up or if you just haven’t been to the P&G Everyday Solutions website lately go check it out.  P&G make so many of all those wonderful products we all know and love, things like Head and Shoulders, Dawn, Vicks, Olay, and so many more.  On their website you can free samples and coupons as well as info on their products.

So click here and check out the P&G Everyday Solutions website for yourself.

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Right now on they have a couple of good deals going for Halloween.

If you still need a costume or 2 then check out all the costumes on  When you order you can use the code COSTUME25 to get 25% off of any costumes. also has lots of Halloween decorations and you can use the same code to get 25% off of Halloween decorations as well.  This coupon code is only good through October 15th though so act fast if you want to use it.  If you miss out on the first code you can use the code SCARY20 to get 205 off of Halloween costumes and decorations instead and that code is good until October 22nd.   Also, has free shipping on any order over $25 which saves you money too.  Keep in mind too that these codes only work on-line not in store.  So check out and maybe you can finish up some of your last minute Halloween shopping without leaving your house.

Don’t forget too that if you go through Ebates you can get 3.5% cash back on your order.


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Deals and Steals at Walmart for the week of October 10th

Today I took time out to wonder around Walmart with my kids.  Since I brought my kids with me it was a little hectic and it was lunch time so we were all tired and hungry.  So learn from my mistakes and try not to go at lunch time and using coupons is always simplere without small children.  I am explain all of this to go along with why I ended up doing 2 check outs at Walmart today.

First off, if you haven’t already go to Swagbuck here sign in if you need to and click on coupons on the left hand side.  I highly recommend printing your coupons off of Swagbucks because you save money and you get 10 Swagbucks for each coupon in 8 to 12 weeks.  so not only did I save $9 at Walmart today, but in a few weeks I will have 50 more Swagbucks.  That is a win win for me!  Anyways, print off the $2 off Listerine coupon which is good on any Listerine total care zero anti cavity mouth wash.  Walmart has the travel size of these Listerine products for $1.72 which gives you .28 cents overage to go toward other purchases.  While you are printing though go ahread and print off what ever other coupons you may need,  There are some great Gerber Graduate coupons out right now as well.

Here is how I did at Walmart today.

I bought –

  • Pop corn shrimp and popcorn fish for $5.92 each and used my $5 off coupon from the 10/9 Sunday coupons so for each one I paid about $3.42 each.
  • Then I bought 3 of the travel sized Listerine and had an overage of $0.84.
  • I also bought some Gordon’s fish sticks because my kids love them for $4.76.
  • Along with some Philadelphia cooking cream which was $2.48, but I had a dollar off coupon making it $1.48.
  • And finally a kids frozen meal for my son’s lunch because he was good in Walmart and it was $1.97.

So even with my extras I spent $14.60 with tax, but I saved $12.00 with my coupons and in 8-12 weeks I should get 40 Swagbucks added to my account as well.


Then I got out to my car and realized there was still a bottle of Listerine that I hadn’t paid for (this why I recomedn leaving your kids at home if you can while couponing).  So I went back into Walmart and bought my 4th bottle of Listerine and 2 single packs of orange tic tacs.  I had the $2 off coupon for the listerine and a $1 off on 2 packs of tic tacs so in my second transaction I spent $0.93 and saved $3.00.

So for my crazy morning and 2 Walmart transactions I spent a grand total of $15.53 and saved $15.00 an almost 50% savings even with my extras.  All in all I am pretty happy with it.

How about you?  Have you found any great deals and steals at Walmart this week?


*Please note that all links are my referral links.*

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The Millionaire Matchmaker

So I am watching The Millionaire Matchmaker and it got me thinking.

First of all I just started watching this show and I have to say I think I am already addicted.

Secondly, one of the millionaires on the show just said “I don’t like blondes.”  That statement just really rubbed me the wrong way.  It may be because I am blonde that it bothered me so much, but the other part is I just don’t think you should discount the possibility of falling in love with someone based on hair color or any other one factor for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, I know everybody has preferences of what they like or don’t like and that is fine, but don’t just write people off based on something you don’t usually like, usually being the key word.  Yes, maybe you don’t like blondes usually, but all you have to do is meet the right blonde who may change your whole opinion.

Before I met my husband I always said that I wouldn’t date someone with tattoos.  The first thing I noticed when I met my husband was that he had a tattoo.  I will admit that at first I was rather turned off by my husband and his tattoos and I was close minded, but the more time I spent with my now husband the more my mind changed.  Now five and a half years of marriage later I can say I was wrong and I love that man with the tattoos.

Basically all I am trying to say is keep an open mind when it come to dating and marriage, you never know who God has chosen for you and you should keep an open mind so you don’t miss out.

What do you think of keeping an open mind?  Also, what do you think of the show The Millionaire Matchmaker?

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