Great Deal on Photo Cards

Any of who know me in real life know that I love to send photo Christmas cards.  I think it comes from the fact of having kids and being so far from family these last few years, so I love any excuse to send out pictures of my kids. 🙂

The point of all of this is that right now through November 22 Snapfish has a code (CARDS30FS) for 30% off and free shipping on photo cards.  Those of you who know me also may know that I hate to pay for shipping.  Lots of times shipping is almost as much as the item I want to buy and I hate that!  So free shipping and 30% was worth checking out for me.

So I went to Ebates and clicked on Snapfish (to get 20% cash back) and started making my Christmas cards.  I went ahead and ordered 80 cards because it is a slightly better price per card and I send out a lot of cards 🙂 So my total came to $64.00 before shipping and tax.  Now for some reason it popped up on my order that there was 20% off of photo cards so that took $12.80 off of my order, I don’t know if that is my account or if that will happen to everyones.  Then after I entered the code CARDS30FS Which took off another $15.36 and then $8.99 off for the shipping so after tax I spent $37.68 for 80 cards!  That is about $0.47 cents per Christmas card which seems pretty good for me to be able to send customized Christmas cards to all of my friends and family.  Keep in mind too that the code doesn’t have to be for Christmas cards, you can make baby announcements or birthday invites, that part is up to you.

Oh and P.S. since I went through Ebates I will be getting another 20% back off of my order so that means I should get another $7 and some change back.  So after that rebate I really on spent about$30.00 for 80 Christmas cards!  Yeah, it made my day 🙂


About kellyn720

I am a military wife and stay at home mom to 2 wonderful kids. I believe in God and the power of prayer. I love coupons and finding good deals, and I want to pass on my good deals whenever I can.
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