Albertsons Deals and Steals for 10/19 to 10/25

So now that I live in NM I have learned a few things about Albertsons.  I had never really shopped at an Albertsons before moving to NM and honestly I still don’t shop there much now because I do 80% of my grocery shopping on base.  But I have learned to check the deals at Albertsons each week because they do usually have some good stuff going on.  I have also learned that the deals at Albertsons run from Wednesday to Tuesday which is very different and interesting for me.

Anyways though here are what I think are the deals and steals for Albertsons this week.

  • Dole Bananas for $0.39 a pound
  • Buy 10 Yoplait Yogurt for $5 and get aFREE 12 ct. Albertsons Large Eggs on your next shopping trip.  There is a $1.00 coupon for 10 Yoplait yogurts here on Swagbucks which makes this an even better deal.
  • Nestle fun size candy 9.2-12.5 oz on sale for $1.88  Which is even better if you still have some candy coupons around.
  • There are also lots of 10 for $10 sales going on right now.  I am seeing some water juice, canned goods and even some toothpaste and Excedrine.  You will want to check your store adds to see the deals, but they look like some good ones.
  • One of my favorite deals that I was excited to see was that Albertsons has some energy drinks on sale 10 for $10 as well.  My husband has a Rockstar energy drink addiction and even when I buy them on base which is the cheapest I have found they r still $1.15 each so for a $1.00 each I was thrilled! 🙂  So yes I am going back to by more Rockstars.

So those are just a few of the deals and steals that I see at Albertsons this week, but make sure you check out your own store for other deals I may have missed.

Let me know what other deals you find this week at Albertsons.





About kellyn720

I am a military wife and stay at home mom to 2 wonderful kids. I believe in God and the power of prayer. I love coupons and finding good deals, and I want to pass on my good deals whenever I can.
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